Thinking green and recycling.

This is always an interesting one.    As a small business - I am always aware of the things that we can do to try and reduce our carbon footprint.

I always try and encourage my children to recycle and not to waste - but there are things that I do with the business that aren't the greenest.   

I mean, I am sending lots of parcel by post - I am using lots of energy to create t-shirts and mugs.

BUT - I am going to try and improve things.

My boxes are going to be made from recycled cardboard.   And hopefully my customers will consider recycling at their end.    The bubblewrap that I am going to use is made from recycled products.  

These are small things - in themselves they will never make a difference, but I believe that if we start off with this ethos and mindset - as we grow, that will become one of the core values that we operate by.

I am always welcome to ideas about how I can improve.   I will try and make my customers aware of what I am trying to achieve.