The obsession is real!

What started out as a creative outlet, is slowly becoming an obsession with badges - specifically ones that make me giggle hysterically.

Running a little online shop is immensely satisfying.   Especially when you get orders in for sets of badges that you think go together.

I spend a lot of free time finding these badges and it really is fun!   When some of customers come back telling me that they love them, then it is a wonderful feeling.

With an online shop, it is very hard to put across the personal touch.  If it was face2face then you would maybe get an idea of who I was or why I picked them.  I always leave a little note on the packing slip, and a little packet of sweets.   That is me hoping you get a little smile as you open your package.   

Even though I am getting busier - I still want to keep that practice going.  I am working to streamline everything else so I can do that!

Koala-Tee is a fun obsession - long may it continue!