Its Ok not to be OK

I got new badges - there are a couple that I hope people will wear with pride.  Either to wear their anxiety with pride or so that someone could see and maybe just remind them it is OK.   Or even, just to let people know that you are open to them talking to you!   That is really important.

"Its too peopley outside" 

If you have suffered from anxiety, you will know this feeling!  It takes courage to take steps outside of the door.  It takes balls to do things that people who don't suffer from anxiety take for granted.

"Its OK not to be OK"

This is really important.   This is a badge I wear to show it is OK.  I am open to someone talking about their problems!  

Part of me wants to start a movement!   But I dont want to seem like I am profiting from it.

Yes - they are quirky badges - but they mean something! 

If people want to open up to me!  My details are on the page!  Feel free  to reach out!  Feel free to vent at someone who doesn't know you or your situation.

Be open to other people - you never know what they are going through or the pain they are in.