Badges - Badges - Badges!!!

All it took was one look at the Katie Abey site and then I was hooked.   Just little funny badges at first but I think every one of them has made me smile or invoked some type of silly emotional response!

Running one of these sites can be immense fun and there is very much a sense of home made and I love the buzz of getting a new order in.   I try to add a little bit of personal touch to every order.   Whether that is just a wee bag of sweets or a wee hand written message on the packing slip.   

My kids love this process as well and help pick out the order and sometimes the bags of sweets, actually get to me.

It is always a family effort - my mother in law is a dab hand with pyrography and has created my cracking display stands.

I will desperately try to update this in en effort to tell you about my boring life along with my endless excitement about new badges / tees / patches / mugs!